Times Sq. Num Pang Opening Weds, Tues is $3 Sandwich Day

Our favorite Cambodian sandwich place (Num Pang, thanks for asking) is opening their newest location in Times Square on Wednesday and to celebrate they’ll be open tomorrow (Tuesday) from 11am to 1pm selling 3 different sandwiches for $3.  It’s on 48th btw. 6+7th and for the $3 you’ll have your choice of peppercorn catfish, pulled pork or cauliflower. Do it. Do it.


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    Woah, those were good. I ordered two because even though the cheery cashier assured me that they were normal size sandwiches, I figured it was better safe than sorry. Plus I was ordering for a friend, too, so 1.5 sandwiches seemed like not too much.

    The pulled pork was delicious, great crispy bread, and flavorful and moist pulled pork, great sauce and toppings too.

    The catfish was, somehow, even better. I didn’t even share it. I just went full fatty and ate two full sandwiches for lunch. Totally worth it.

  • Who’s got two thumbs and just enjoyed the helloutta a $3 pulled pork sandwich (the bread and dressings were perfect) but would never pay $8+ for same?

    This guy!

    p.s. line was getting out of control by 11:40AM

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    They were out of catfish when I ordered around 12:30pm but did a great job moving the line along – I was in an out within 20 minutes after waiting in a fairly long line. Like @grither I got two…but I’m “saving” one for dinner. Dinner may or may not be at 4pm.

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