Shanghai Sogo Has Been Making Its Rounds in Midtown

The new food truck, Shanghai Sogo, just hit the streets this past week, serving up “Asian Tapas” consisting of dumplings, spring rolls, fried taro cakes, Zong Zi (sticky rice), sesame sandwiches, salads, and noodle dishes. Has anyone had a chance to try Shanghai Sogo yet? Take a closer look at the menu after the jump…

Yesterday they were on 46th btw. 5+6th, and last wednesday they were on 55th and Broadway but you’ll obviously want to check twitter before heading out.

Shanghai SogoCheck Twitter for Locations


  • I tried this truck last week. I had the chicken “sandwich.” The sandwich was very good, though it wasn’t much of a sandwich. It was chicken between two pieces of flat sesame bread. The bread could not hold the chicken and required a fork to eat.

    I also had the spiced egg. It wasn’t bad. I think this place is worth a try.

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    The menu was confusing because I couldn’t tell if I could get the sandwich/salad/noodles and meat a la carte or if I had to choose a protein… They’re nice though. On their suggestion, I got the dumplings (which are handmade every morning). The skin was plump but not doughy, and the filling was fresh and not overly salty. Not too greasy either. I just wish the bottoms were crispier. Flavor wise though, one of my favorite dumplings ever.

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