Inwood’s Mr. Nice Guy Truck Comes to Midtown

Last week, the new Mr. Nice Guy Truck, hailing from Inwood, made an appearance on the corner of 49th and 6th Avenue. The truck sells sliders for $3.50 each, or a box of three for $9 with fries included. Your options of sliders include the “Classic Nice Guy,” the “Wild Turkey Slider”, or the “Grilled Cheese Slider.” The truck also offers three different kinds of fries: classic hand-cut french fries, sweet potato fries, or yuca fries for $5, if you don’t go for the slider box.

According to DNAinfo/The Uptown Collective, Mr. Nice Guy is a new venture from the people that brought Dyckman Bar to Inwood. Anyone have a chance to try the new truck yet? Is $3.50 per slider worth it from Mr. Nice Guy? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Mr. Nice Guy Food Truck, Check Twitter for Locations


  • I tried it last week when it was on 52/6 (guess my tweets to ML went unnoticed…).

    If not for the combo, i would say this is WAY pricy. The “sliders” are about the size of a macaron (not macaroon!), just taller. so the 3 you get in the combo comes out to about the size of a smallish regular buger.

    I tried the classic, bacon & cheese, and chimi (with turkey). the chimi was a mix of veggies, a cucmber slice and chimi sauce. the tiny burger patties were a touch on the bland side, but not terrible. but the flavors of the sauces more than made up for it. the turkey patty was very dry and overcooked, may have just gotten a dud. I normally dont get tureky for this very reason, but thought i’d give it a go, y’know, for science. I got the yucca fries with it, and tho i liked it, it was super greasy and seemed to have a ton more breading than it did actual yucca- kinda felt sick aftewards from the grease. and that says a lot coming from me. they didnt have sweet potato fries the day i went, otherwise i would have gone for that.

    All in all, i liked it, and was only worth it with the combo. otherwise your $3.50 would be much better spent elsewhere (say, a bun from fun buns and you’d still have 50 cents left over). Though i probably woudlnt make this a regular meal.

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    I also tried it last week when it was on 52/6.

    I had 2 bacon and cheese and the turkey. I thought all the sliders were moist, including the turkey.

    However, I think the locondcoco is too generous on his discription of the Yuca fries. I took one bite of the the Yuca fries and threw them all in the garbage. Luckily my associate who got the classic fries shared them with me or I would have been hungry.

    I would try again for the combo with classic fries. They should visit Big D for some pointers on Yuca fries.


  • You can get this stuff at little corner stores called “bodegas.” Say it with me,


    Bodegas. Yes, very good.

    Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, and fuck you, I’m out!

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