New Food Options at the Broadway French Market

Summer’s tenuous hold on the start of Fall has brought us some really nice warm days. What better way to spend ‘em than hitting up the al fresco Broadway French Market on Broadway btw. 35+36th for some farmer’s market’ish stuff and prepared foods. Now open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday¬†they’ve¬†added some additional new items to make it one heck of a decent lunch option.

Tanya Tracy had some chili, garbanzos, dips, and spreads for sampling and purchase alongside some homemade cookies. She didn’t have the breads and stuff out for the other items but I was able to bum a sample of some really, really amazing chili. Not at all soupy and not just a chunky morass of beans and meat, I gotta figure out how to make this for cold winter nights. Amazing stuff.

This nameless stand was setting up small vats of kimchi, some kind of kale rice medley, bowls of thick yellow soup, and chafing dishes full of bulgogi.

SOUL FOOD IN MIDTOWN!! FINALLY. I saw some amazing looking mac & cheese being dished out. Gotta find a day to not eat breakfast in order to have enough room. If they have collards in one of those trays I may just order that entire tray. Too bad the purveyors, Soul Sister Quisine, are a catering establishment, I’d kill for them to have a storefront at one of the many fine vacant spaces down here in the 30s.

The Broadway French Market runs until November 26th – but go while it’s nice! Get out of the office and away from the computer, get yourself some kimchi and chitlins in one fell swoop!

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    Not worth the trip in my opinion.

    All of the “food” vendors are catering trays.

    Soul Sister Quisine couldn’t have been less interested in serving anything. They had two people there, one guy that just sat there not saying anything, and a woman who was doing the serving but as slow as possible. They were out of nearly everything and she didn’t make any suggestions/recommendations on what they did have or what I should get so I gave up.

    Grabbed a few things for the quiche guy next to them. Good stuff there…still, not going back.

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