New Potato House Cart Parks in Midtown

Yesterday, we noticed a new cart, Potato House, parking on the NW corner of 50th Street and 6th Avenue. According to the menu, the cart serves stuffed baked potatoes with “salads.” I say this with some hesitancy because I actually think they mean toppings instead of salads, but regardless, for $7 you get to pick two “salads” with your baked potato from a list including tuna, crab, eggplant, seaweed, carrot, cabbage, mushroom, olives, sour cream, salmon, zucchini, beet, and pickles. They also offer a bunch of sauces to choose from.

Potato House’s website currently doesn’t link to anything, and likewise, Potato House is pretty elusive on FB or Twitter (thought the icons do appear on the cart itself). Best bet for now is to try your luck on 50th Street and 6th Avenue!

Potato House Cart, NW Corner of 50th Street and 6th Avenue


  • Stopped by for a look this afternoon. I have to say I don’t get it. They really are offering salads – tuna salad, crab salad, great looking eggplant salad, beet salad. But who eats any of that stuff on a baker?

    Add to that the $7 price point, which is high by local cart (as opposed to truck) standards. You can get a burrito across the street for $5 and a kati roll next door for $4.50.

    Baked Potato King on 39th (qv ML review from 2012 has been in business 18+ years. They charge $4.50 for a generous potato with broccoli and cheese (my favorite). You’d think maybe these Potato House guys would look at that business for a clue. What we really need in upper-40s midtown is Baked Potato King’s $3.25 soup.

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    The buritto(either ground beef or shreeded chicken) is $6 with rice (best rice anywhere around here) and beans. At the Mexican Cart that has the giant sombero with a picture of Speedy Gonzales on it.

    I get it once or twice a month, it is pretty good.

  • The burrito is at the sombrero cart. It’s $5 without the delicious rice, which ends up being just too much food for me. A very sweet couple runs the place. Food is routine Tex Mex, which is sometimes a fine thing.

  • Stood by and watched them make one today (they had quite the line too, by the way). The salads to in fact go ON TOP of the potato. they butter it up nicely and put cheese on it first. It also looked like that mashed it up pretty well too. Then the salads go on last.

    Didnt try it, just seems too odd, and still can’t get myself to pay $7 for a potato.

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