Jersey Mike’s Subs Is Coming to Midtown


Signage recently went up for the first Midtown location of Jersey Mike’s Subs on Third Avenue between 56th and 57th Street. No word yet on exactly when they’ll be open, but you can get a taste of what to expect down in the FiDi.┬áThe first NYC location of the Jersey based sandwich chain opened downtown a few weeks ago and Andrea was impressed with their Italian hoagies, saying it’s far better than anything from Subway or Blimpies. Should we be excited about this new sandwich option? Leave comments below.


  • YES! You should be excited. I hope they keep the hand sliced as you wait as part of the experience, though do to lunch traffic it may not be feasible.

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    I walked past there yesterday & was told it’ll be open in about 3-4 weeks. I go to one near me in NJ & they are great subs. CheeeeEEEEse is absolutely correct that everybody should be excited about it. Definitely way better than Subway or Blimpie’s.

  • Speaking as Mike from Jersey, there is zero reason to be excited for this unless there’s nothing close to Sergimmo’s or that one old-school Italian joint down 8th in the 20s near this area.

    It’s deli sandwiches. Sandwiches that you can get at a deli.

    • Yes, this is not close to 8th in the 20′s…glad you repeated that.

      • Still, though, I don’t get the excitement in NYC. It’s not like we only have Subway, Blimpies, Potbelly, and whatever other chains exist in the country. Most delis here will slice-to-order a sub.

      • Yowch, with a reaction like that, the area must have AWFUL sandwiches already.

        I side with Dave below, though – I mean, sliced cold cuts can be good but if you want cold cuts, any neighborhood deli does them already. Most do Boar’s Head if you want super primo stuff. But Jersey Mike’s really isn’t hugely awesome stuff, even compared to generic deli fare.

      • I like their bread (which I found to be much better than Subway’s and quite a bit better than Blimpie), and I am definitely going to try them later the first week they’re open. I really enjoyed their sandwiches back in Jersey and don’t see why they won’t be good here.

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    How long does it take to open up a location. The sign was added in September and its still not opened.

  • Bloody awesome… Club Supreme Mikes Way, mayo, pickles, banana peppers & jalapenos

    No contest – this is an actual sub, not an ersatz one like Potbelly, Subway Blimpie, etc. Roast beef is bloody, bacon is crispy

    And a bargain at $8.25.

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