First Look at BoDillaz Famous Quesadillas Truck

Last week, BoDillaz Famous Quesadillas Truck made an appearance on Park Avenue between 47th and 48th Street in a spot Chris noticed growing more and more popular for food trucks. With the brick and mortar location based in Richmond, Virginia, BoDillaz Famous Quesadillas brings the Superbowl to lunch in Midtown with over twenty different signature quesadillas, signature wraps, wings, and salads. Since the truck is literally famous for its quesadillas, I had to know what exactly makes a BoDillaz quesadilla so famous…

BoDillaz offers four different categories of quesadilla: breaded chicken, grilled chicken, steak, (all $7) or veggie ($6). You can add any of the meats to a veggie quesadilla for just a dollar extra, too. I decided to with a quesadilla that would truly test the strength of my stomach – THE MESS.

Despite its name, the Mess was a surprisingly tidy quesadilla. For those of you who want to relive those amazing late night meals you had after a long night out in college, the Mess will take you down memory lane. Here’s the rundown: bacon, ranch, BBQ, tomato, jalapeno, black olives, and breaded chicken, topped with a cheese blend reminiscent of Sargento’s 4 Cheese Mexican mix, all encased in a habanero tortilla. On top of that, you get to choose which sauce you would like to dip your quesadilla in. Your choices are ranch, blue cheese, BBQ, honey mustard, salsa, and sour cream. Since two of the sauces were already included in my quesadilla, I was at a loss for what I should order to dip it in until the person taking my order suggested sour cream. Yes, perfect.

Packing in all of my favorite “bad” eats together in one quesadilla is pretty amazing, if not also a stomach ache waiting to happen. What I was amazed the most at was how well the quesadilla held up with all of the contents included. That habanero tortilla is a sturdy one, and adds just a little kick among the sauciness of the ranch and BBQ. The breaded chicken and bacon also didn’t get too soggy among the slew of other ingredients. I was impressed. At $7, it could easily be two meals, though I don’t know how well leftovers of the Mess would hold up.

Other highlights on the menu include getting tripps wings (6 for $6), which means you’re opting in for all of the wing sauces (Honey BBQ, Spicy BBQ, and Buffalo Bo), nacho fries for $5, described as “lettuce topped with fries, onion, tomato, green pepper, and a scoop of nacho cheese,” and a taco salad ($6), which truly brings me back to childhood cafeteria days.

If you’re looking for all of your favorite guilty pleasure foods combined into one solid, neatly made quesadilla, you don’t have to look any further. Since they haven’t set a normal schedule of where they will be parking in NYC, check their FB and Twitter, if you can find them actually posting on there. Otherwise, best to stake out on Park and 47th until they make it back to the hood.

BoDillaz Famous Quesadillas, Check FB or Twitter for locations


  • Mmmm…nacho cheese scoop…

    I want to try all the things. Maybe they could come by West 50th or 52nd on a Tuesday, when there seem to be fewer trucks and carts camped out?

  • If you want to talk about The Mess, let’s talk about what I did to the men’s room this afternoon after I got back from SMP.

  • Excellent size — great quality ingredients. But ordering – OMG – I just wanted a simple quesadilla with meat, cheese and onion. I couldn’t order that way. I had to pick a PRE-NAMED quesadilla and tell them what I wanted omitted! My side of sour cream turned out to be ranch dressing and although I would definitely give them another chance make sure you tell them “well done” — mine was no where near as browned as the item pictured. And I was the only one at the truck! Come on guys, get it together — you could definitely be a “CONTENDAH”!

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