Renovations Close Dee Daa This Week

Some of you may have walked by Dee Daa (44th St. btw Lex+3rd) this week and thought, or maybe even hoped, that they had closed down. Sorry Lunchers, but the disappointing Thai lunch spot is merely closed for renovations and is expected to reopen early next week. Is this another reset for the restaurant? Does anyone even care?


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    Since we are on the topic of 44th and 3rd….

    I noticed that Crisp on 43rd and 3rd has closed down. The sign mentioned that their lease was up.

    That was one place that I used to walk 10 blocks periodically for. I guess I’ll now have to hit up Jack who re-branded (had a falling out) from Crisp on Wheels to The Pocketful.

  • and since joer already got off topic from the article, i just wanted to point out that there was a new truck on park btwn 46th and 47th today called Katz N Dogz Pastrami. i was wondering if anyone checked it out.

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    Katz N Dogz were not open when I walked by, but I glanced at the menu and it looked like their main sandwiches were $10+

    • If they get to keep their name — assuming they aren’t affiliated with a certain NYC institution — I wouldn’t mind > $10 for a pastrami sandwich made the way Katz’s (or any of a number of Jewish delis) loads them with meat.

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