First Look At The Moo Shu Grill Truck

As we reported earlier in the month, Moo Shu Grill has replaced the Fishing Shrimp truck. The new truck has been in Midtown every day this week, giving ML’ers plenty of opportunities to try them out. I stopped by earlier in the week hoping to try the Peking duck moo shu that they had tweeted about.

Unfortunately, by the time I got to the truck at about 12:45, they were out of it. Instead I ordered a basil chicken, an XOXO beef and a tofu moo shu for $9. When I opened my container back at the office, I realized I got two chickens and a steak, so I didn’t get to try the tofu.

Or, maybe I got lucky! Both the steak and the chicken were extremely flavorful, and the moo shu wraps filled the container. These aren’t the mostly shredded cabbage moo shu that you find at many Chinese restaurants in the city. Instead, there is mostly meat in these, topped with pickled carrots and daikon, one cucumber stick and some hoisin sauce. I would order both again.

Moo Shu Grill often parks in Midtown, but of course you should check their twitter for a exact location before heading out to find them.


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