The Forums Are Finally Back

You may or may not have noticed but starting today the forums are back.  We’ve always valued community over everything here at Midtown Lunch and it pained us to have to take down the one section of the site where you guys could go and talk to each other, organize meet ups, and post tips, opinions, and news. It took awhile, but we finally got them back up and running and 99% spam free.  So enjoy!  Now on to getting the Twitter Tracker fixed…


  • Finally, gosh, i’ve been needing to replace my rock crusher.

    • And they’re 100% reply-free. You can’t reply to any posts there because there’s no anti-spam filter on the reply page, so you just get an “anti-spam filter fail” error. Great.

      And there’s more than 1% spam already. I posted a message there (ML Forum Fail) and when I posted, a random message from somebody else appeared *above* my new topi post! Huh?

      They are not fixed. Offer a high school kid a week’s worth of truck lunches to do the job right already!

  • Did Jared Blake Scharff fix them? I knew he could

  • And they’re gone…

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