Introducing the Green Express Cart, Middle Eastern Food with an Organic Flair

After frequenting the food truck haven at 47th Street and Vanderbilt, I’ve noticed that the lineup of trucks and carts varies from day to day. It’s become a popular spot for new vendors to set up shop, including the likes of Rhong Tiam, Bread and Olives, and the not-yet-reviewed Monkey Brothers Lab. Yesterday, I noticed ANOTHER new cart on the block, Green Express. They’ve got a limited menu of vegetarian Middle Eastern food, like falafel, hummus, and sabish (toasted or fried eggplant). The cart prides itself on offering mostly organic, mostly vegan food in environmental friendly, biodegradable containers. I can see where the “green” in their name comes from…

I haven’t been able to find a web presence, so hopefully they stay put on 47th for now. Has anyone been able to try out the cart yet?


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