La Perla Mexicana Truck Has Been Parking in Midtown

La Perla Mexicana Food Truck, typically downtown in the Meatpacking District at 14th Street and 9th Avenue, has been parking on Park Avenue between 52nd and 53rd lately, with employees of the truck stating that they’ll be in the same spot for lunch everyday. A quick look at the menu after the jump shows a 3-taco special for $8, tortas for $6, and quesadillas for $5.

A look at the menu!

La Perla Mexicana Taco & Quesadilla specials.

Early adopters, let us know the food stacks up in the comments!


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    Enjoyin a Cemitas with Carnitas. Excellent taste and enornous. only $6


  • I went to this area yesterday. La Perla was there along with Monkey Brothers. I was more in the mood for a cheesesteak (thanks to the article from here the other day). No line at either truck.

    Monkey Brothers is NOT worth it. They take FOREVER. The literally move in slow motion. The guys working there weren’t exactly friendly either. And the cheesesteak was not worth $11. I’m still mad I spent that much.

    Since there’s no forums, I decided to post that, here…

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    Got the three spicy pork tacos. They call the spicy pork meat “enchilada,” but it’s a taco. They were so amazing. Packed with pork and some great sauces. Great experience. Looking forward to going back. I hope they stick around

    My colleague got a cheesesteak from the monkey lab brothers next door and it was a bad experience. It took forever (25+ minutes!), the guys were not friendly and not working hard at all. The cheesesteak was decent but cost $11!

  • I got a carnitas burrito. The carnitas wasn’t the best I’ve had (it was in cubes/chunks and some of the pieces were gristly/fatty to the point I couldn’t chew it, but rice was excellent and overall flavor was great. Burrito fell apart a little but not too bad. Side of red salsa (had to ask for) had really good strong kick. Overall seemed pretty authentic and look forward to trying again.

    Side note – walked by Monkey Bros on several occasions and came to conclusion that they were clueless, overpriced & slow and I just walked on.

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