Lunch’er “Clues” Reports: Treehaus Has a Super Serious Coffee Program

If you are a coffee fanatic you’ll be excited to hear about this new find from Lunch’er Clues, who sent us this letter the other day…

Dear Editor,

I have been an avid follower and occasional contributor to your site for several years. I thought your coffee fans may be interested in a discovery I made yesterday…

I consider myself somewhere between a coffee geek and snob. I have a burr grinder and Clever Dripper in my office and my co-workers get a kick out of watching me brew my java every morning. I love Midtown Lunch’s coffee reviews and, as a result of the site, frequent Simon Sips, Gregory’s, and JOE the art of coffee.

But yesterday I found a hidden gem! While paying for my lunch at Treehaus, I noticed a very strange looking machine behind the counter next to their espresso maker.

I asked the Barista what it was and for the next 45 minutes was captivated by Markiss, one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic coffee professionals I’ve ever met! Markiss demonstrated in great detail their Steampunk 4.0, a pressure/siphon-based brewing system that makes individual cups of coffee. Seriously, you have to Google it to see the science behind this unbelievable machine! I was also surprised to see that they have a pour-over station with about six Hario V60 drippers. Markiss knows his coffee. He brewed several different sample cups for me using the Steampunk and the V60s as he tried to narrow in on my personal preference – each cup better than the previous one! I didn’t get a chance to try their espresso drinks but I did see that they make Cortados (my personal favorite) – that will be for my next visit!

I have been going to Treehaus pretty regularly for lunch and had no idea that they was focusing on the high end coffee market. I will definitely make this my ‘go to’ coffee place when I am too lazy to brew my own. So for any other coffee geeks out there, I recommend giving them a try, if not only to see the Steampunk in action!

Treehaus, 830 3rd Ave (btw 50+51st), (212) 355-9855


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    That’s a lot of coffee they have to sell to recoup their costs. Not to mention that it’s a new machine meaning it will be prone to breaking down (like the Slayer at RBC which closed, sadly).

  • Their web site says it is also deployed at express drive-through sperm donation centers nationwide and at many urgent care facilities for group enemas … four hoses, no waiting. unsurprisingly, the latest installation is across the street from the ‘halal guys’

  • True story: Last week at treehaus one of the baristas wouldn’t poor me an iced coffee, saying (direct quote) “we don’t serve iced coffee, we serve cold brew.” Buncha twats.

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  • That is a whole load of spam right there.

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    As good as their coffee is, the counterpeople/baristas are horrible at customer service and their prices are ridiculous. I’m not sure why it takes them about 5 minutes per person to pour a regular coffee. On top of that on Friday’s they have a special of a “free donut” with a regular coffee purchase which somehow still ends up being over $3?!? I love the concept and work directly across the street but I find myself going to Oren’s just because they are quick and friendly plus they serve City Bakery and Doughnut Plant “FatFood”.

    End Rant

    • Basic pourover coffee and Clever coffee procedures absolutely take about five minutes to produce a cup, so I can imagine this contraption takes its sweet time extracting the proper flavor from the beans as well.

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        Yeah I’ve had a drink from this machine before at a cafe in West Village and it takes a while. Really it’s not worth the extra wait unless you were eating lunch there and want a coffee for after lunch. If you’re drinking it with your lunch, probably not a good idea. The machine costs 15,000 bucks so they are going to have to price their coffee high to factor that in.

  • Coffee aside, Treehaus is one of the best lunch spots in midtown. The food quality is excellent and it’s not overpriced.

  • I love treehaus as well. Love their lunch buffet and they carry desserts and pastries from places like Chikalicious and Ceci Cela.
    Two things they can improve:
    1, Marketing…maybe not too many people know or care where their desserts are coming from but they should have notes saying where they get their goodies from…
    2, Staff- A lot of their workers are slow and not the friendliest. They could learn a few things from workers in Korean delis.

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