Rock Center Restaurant Days is Back

Thanks to Lunchers Adam & Phillip for tipping us off to this one… Through Thursday “a bunch of Rock Center restaurants are cooking on the plaza.  $10 steak sandwiches at Del Frisco’s Grille and $1 scoops from Ben and Jerry’s!  Lots of other great stuff too, most at or under $10 (except for a $15 lobster roll).”


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    Went today and got Wichcraft’s $4 pulled pork on a potato hot dog bun. It was premade so a little soggy at the end. It was the least expensive main dish there. Don’t know if Ben & Jerry raised their prices, but today it was $2/scoop. Anyone try Del Frisco’s? Curious about that.

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    I tried Del Frisco’s Grille yesterday and it was delicious. Their normal steak sandwich is something like $18, but it is also a bit larger.

    Ben & Jerry’s was $1 yesterday and they jacked up their price to $2 today. I asked why and the guy taking the money said they lost a lot of money yesterday. I doubt that is the case, as all you are getting is one small scoop (like the kiddie size in the scoop shop) and how much can that really cost? He was a little rude to people who were asking about the price increase.

    I also heard the lobster roll was delicious, but it is $15.

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    Yeah I had the Del Frisco’s sandwich. And it was delicious. If it was $6 or maybe even $8, I might’ve had two. Cause it was tiny. Also, my name only has one ‘L’ in it, Zach.

    And yeah, I heard they raised the prices at B&J yesterday. I’m hoping it’s not $3 today!

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    Oh, and the pulled pork sliders from Bouchon were tasty, but the pulled pork from… Pulse maybe? that my co-workers had looked better.

  • Tried the steak sandwich from Del Frisco today in the Plaza. It was delicious! Perfectly cooked, medium rare. Delicious grilled onions and a nice horseradish spread. My only objection is that is $10 for a 5 inch sandwich…so basically half a sandwich. Way overpriced for lunch. I thought I was going to get 2 halves, and when I sat down to eat and only found the small sandwich and a small bottle of water in the bag, I was ……hungry one hour later. :-(

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