A New Food Truck is Wing’n It


I discovered a new food truck amidst the hungry crowds on 47th Street between Park and Madison on Friday. By the time I arrived around 1pm, the Wing’n It truck was so overwhelmed that I left without any food. First the cashier told me they only had certain items with a long wait for others and then after some questioning, she told me they were completely sold out. This was their second day in Midtown (and the first on this most densely populated food truck street).

Their Facebook page feed says they’ll be back soon and next time I’ll either come early or wait until they get up to speed to handle the crowds. Check out the menu after the jump.

Chicken wings are available fried, baked, grilled, or steamed with lots of intriguing sauces like apricot maple whiskey and papaya orange chili. Chicken sandwiches and mac and cheese are also available. The food sounds tempting, but the prices on the wings are a bit steep coming out to almost $1 per wing. I haven’t seen the size of these critters yet, but my guess is you’ll need more than 6 to fill you up for lunch.¬†Anybody get to try them out yet? Please leave feedback in the comments below.


  • you would think these new trucks would be prepared by now. they’ve had so many examples to learn from, they’re still struggling with long lines and running out of food? get your act together before coming to midtown.

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    @Brian Hoffman: You must have been in line behind me. I got the last of the wings. I think the confusion from the girl was she kept checking with cooks on how much food was left. I do not think they anticipated the rush and were struggling to keep up with the demand. The truck just started in May it appears and you said this was only their second time in midtown, so I’m willing to give them time to work out the kinks. With respect to the wings; I had the jamaican jerk wings. Unfortunately they were not the best wings I’ve had. They were severely over cooked. But since those were literally the last batch of wings, I’ll give them a pass on that. I also had the pulled chicken sandwich with Honey Chipotle sauce. This was quite tasty. It was really spicy (as the young lady warned me) but still good. It was a little overpriced at $6, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I plan on checking out the truck again soon. Hopefully I’ll get a better batch of wings. Either way, I’m just happy there’s a wing truck in NYC. Prayers = Answered.

  • Wow, synchronicity! I just saw this truck for the first time yesterday, one short block away from me. (It was at 5th and 21st.) Alas, I was on my way *back* from lunch so I did not get anything. I hope they come back, though!

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      @stevenp: I think they go to that location at least once a week. They also due 56th and Broadway twice a week and sometimes 47th and Park. They don’t seem to have a set schedule yet.

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