The Rhong-Tiam Supreme Burger Truck Spotted in Midtown!

A little over a month ago, Brian got a taste of the new Rhong-Tiam Supreme Burger Truck at Village Voice’s Choice Streets festival. Since then, the Asian fusion/burger truck has mostly been hanging out in the Flatiron District… that is, until now! I spotted the truck at 47th Street and Vanderbilt during my lunch yesterday, but it was already around 3pm at that point and the truck had closed shop. It’s not really clear if they’re going to be parking around these parts for good or not, as neither the Rhong-Tiam website or the Rhong-Tiam Twitter mentions anything about the truck being in midtown. Did anyone get a chance to try it yesterday?


  • I think this truck will be subject to many “I love you Rhong-Tiam” jokes.

    wait a second…

  • They were in the right place, must of been the Rhong-Tiam

  • I was able to try the Supreme Burger truck but think I ordered the wrong item – a bowl. It was middle of the line with some great spicy sauce on it. Portion was gigantic, I believe 40oz, and included carrots, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms (great), brown or white rice, and your choice of meat – I went vegan chicken.

    The operator of the truck said that all the workers were ex Seoul Food members. Not sure if you all have detailed that before but I found the spices were similar.

    Next time I’ll opt for a burger which I’m guessing is their flagship item.

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    I had the basic burger with a side of large fries – which came to $13 something. I asked if I could have the sauteed onions and mushrooms added and was told that they don’t come on the burger.
    Wait time was incredibly short – so short that I fully expected my burger to be not fully cooked. It was cooked but a drier patty than I prefer. A good sized burger that didn’t offend but certainly wasn’t supreme. The fries, however, I suspect they sprinkle with crack. I put one in my mouth and couldn’t stop until they were all gone

  • What happened to the Twitter Tracker? It hasn’t been updated in a rhong-tiam

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