Skip the Fries, Get the Onion Rings at Fatburger


The opening of a new franchise of Fatburger (3rd Ave btw 34th+35th) in Murray Hill last week caused a bit of fanfare. Prior to last week, I had never visited a Fatburger as In-N-Out usually tickles my fast food fancy when on the West Coast. I stopped by to check out the scene and eat a burger.

Onion Rings

MJP summed up the highlights of the burger–no need to recount them here–as well as the shortcomings in the fry department which made me grateful I picked the onion rings for my visit. The rings are made to order meaning they are served up hot and crispy. The batter coats the entire ring, but is thin enough is some parts to let you see the fresh onion ring underneath. As opposed to the fries, I found the rings to have enough flavor on their own to not warrant salt.

Cookies 'n Cream Milkshake

I also picked up a milkshake choosing Cookies ‘N’ Cream amongst the usual flavors. I’m told that this was a wise move as it is the best of the bunch. The shakes are whipped up fresh as well using real ice cream instead of a powder, an aspect that came across with the thickness and actual cookie bits in the shake. Don’t get too excited about the whipped cream on top, it’s from the store-bought can that I can’t hate on too much.

Fatburger, 509 3rd Ave. (at 34th St.)


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