New Doughnut Flavors at Cinnamon Snail

cinnamon snail

There’s no denying that we’re big fans of doughnuts here at Midtown Lunch, including the vegan delights served up at Cinnamon Snail. Last month, the Snail rolled out a bunch of new flavors and I stopped by to try some out. Warning: I have repeatedly missed picking up a Coffee Ice Cream Sunday Donut because people keep causing them to sell out!

Cinnamon Snail

The Brown Sugar Beer Glazed has been seen on the truck before as a seasonal doughnut, and it’s back again now. Most of the Snail’s doughnuts are glazed, and though this one is too, the sugar dusting does lend itself to a comparison with regular white sugar dusted doughnuts. The doughnut itself isn’t too sweet and obviously not fruity or chocolatey which is good for those who want a little afternoon treat, but aren’t necessarily “dessert” people. Another new flavor is the Blueberry Hibiscus. Hibiscus has been seen around as a popular doughnut flavor possibly because it is a good balance of floral and citrus. Tartness from the blueberry adds a nice quality for those looking for sweet, but not chocolate. If I had to chose between the two, I would definitely pick this one up again.

The Snail can currently be found in Midtown on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Be sure to check their Twitter (@VeganLunchTruck) for exact details.

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