Pizza By Cer Te’s Ravio-Boiga is a Tasty But Small Ball (That’s What She Said)

When Pizza by Cer Te (56th Street btw. Park & Lex) announced their June sandwich a few days ago, I told you guys that I was excited about the idea of this “Ravio-Boiga” aka Ravioli Burger. I mean, how can you not be intrigued by this idea? Jumbo, JUMBO meatball (as stated above) sandwiched between two house made raviolis! Gimmie.

I’m going to have to admit, when I received my order, I was immediately disappointed by the size. I probably should have guessed when the guy taking my order asked me if I wanted one or two, that I would need two, but the emphasis in the ad of the jumbo meatball had me thinking it would legitimately be the size of a burger. Instead, the Ravio-Boiga came off around the size of a slider, just about the width of a Metrocard. That’s it? and I spent $8.71? Womp womp.

Despite the small serving size, everything else about the Ravio-Boiga I did love. The meatball was well seasoned and tender and there was a solid amount of mozzarella without it getting too messy. The fried raviolis added a great crunch and the kicker was that they were filled with ricotta cheese, which was pretty awesome! The Dixie cup amount of fresh tomato sauce dip was also the perfect amount to douse each bite with tomato chunk. The whole sandwich surprisingly stayed together without getting everywhere.

All in all, I applaud Pizza By Cer Te for making something uniquely delicious, but I have to scold them for making it too small. I could’ve eaten two or three of these to make a full lunch. Instead, I went back to my office and filled up on crackers and hummus. Next time, GIANT jumbo meatball sandwiched between GIANT jumbo raviolis, ok?

Pizza By Cer Te, 132 East 56th Street (btw. Park and Lex)


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