Paris SANDWICH Has a Banh Mi Truck Out on the Streets?!

Yesterday, Paris Sandwich, not to be confused with the Korean bakery chain, Paris Baguette, rolled out their brand new truck to Midtown West parking on 52nd Street and 6th Avenue right next to Phil’s Steaks and the 52nd Street Thai Cart.

Known for their out of the ordinary Banh Mi sandwiches served on their own original baguettes baked in a hearth fired oven, Paris Sandwich currently has two locations in Chinatown on Mott Street and Grand Street.

A quick look at the menu shows $8 Banh Mi sandwiches (which is a little steep when you know you can get them downtown for about half the price, or less), platters for $8/9, and some intriguing Pandan Waffle desserts for $2. Our Downtown Lunch correspondent, Andrea, actually checked out both Chinatown locations last August and found the Banh Mis so-so in comparison to Banh Mi Saigon.

Early adopters, what’s your take? Are you happy to at least have some more Banh Mi options in the area? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Paris Sandwiches Truck, Check Facebook for Location


  • PARIS was around before paris baguette by the way…

  • Hey, that’s me (bald guy wearing a short-sleeved blue check shirt) and my co-worker in the photo!

    I was pretty disappointed with my curry beef banh mi. The beef wasn’t spicy, there was no cilantro or jalapenos and the bread had a soggy texture. I was also surprised that there was no pork banh mi on the menu. I always get that at the place on Grand Street with the rock/jewelry counter in front.

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    Totally agree with CheeEEEese! I was pretty disappointed they didn’t have any regular ol’ banh mi. I did want to try something anyway so I got an iced coffee which, at $4.50 a pop, wasn’t the amazing kick in the face I expected..

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