A Look at Certe’s Chip and Crab Dip, May’s Sandwich of the Month

Earlier this month, we reported news of Certe’s latest sandwich of the month, the Chip and Crab Dip. There’s not a whole lot to this one – it’s ale battered soft shell crab with bibb lettuce on a potato roll. It’s served with some potato chips, hot sauce, and a tasty remoulade sauce on the side.

As you can see, it’s a pretty basic sandwich. The lettuce and the potato roll tasted just as one would expect, but the soft shell crab was good enough to keep me interested. When I took my first bite of the sandwich, I actually got squirted with a greenish, grey liquid. Ah yes, crab guts… that’s how you can tell this thing’s the real deal! Last time I had soft shell crab, I remember being taken aback by how messy the whole experience can get – Certe’s soft shell crab is no different. The meat was juicy and flavorful and the batter was crispy, but not super greasy or heavy.

Where this baby really shines, though, is the remoulade sauce. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too familiar with the condiment before eating the sandwich, and I would have been convinced if someone had told me it was tartar sauce. According to Wikipedia, this is a fair comparison to make, the difference being that remoulade is commonly flavored with curry and can have diced pickles in it. Let me tell you, this stuff was essential to my enjoyment of the meal. Without any sauce, the sandwich would have been too dry and maybe a bit too plain. I had no trouble finishing up the small cup on the side, scooping it out with bread and potato chips. I wouldn’t complain if they had given me a bit more.

All in all, if you like crab, you’re going to enjoy this meal. I ate the whole thing, chips included, in about four minutes flat – I just didn’t want to put it down. Seafood lovers make note, Certe’s Chip and Crab Dip is for you!

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St. (btw 5+6th). 212-397-2020

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