Get your Bluth Bananas in Midtown on Monday!

If you’re an Arrested Development fan enough to put Bob Loblaw on retainer, then have we got news for you: to promote Arrested Development’s new Netflix-exclusive season, Arrested Development is bringing the Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana stand to NYC. Check them out catty-corner from Radio City Music Hall on Monday from 11am to 6pm – not too far from some of our favorite food spots in the 50s. Snag a frozen banana and see if you can spot Michael Cera looking awkward – which is basically just Michael Cera. Freeloaders and never-nudes, engage!


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    I walked by about a half hour ago. The line was enormous and didn’t appear to be moving much, even though they’re just handing out pre-packaged bananas, as you’d expect with the focus being on publicity.

  • Took me 30 minutes to move on the line that was about a block and a half long. (that was at 11:15am)

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