This Week’s Cinnamon Snail Lunch Special Makes Grub Street’s 13 Spectacular Vegetarian Sandwiches

cinnamon snail

This week Grub Street did a run down of thirteen “Spectacular Sandwiches That Happen to Be Vegetarian.” Alas, Midtown didn’t get any direct love, but amongst the brick and mortar spots The Cinnamon Snail Truck was the only mobile vendor to make the list and as it so happens they’re parked in midtown today with the special sandwich that Grub Street called out: Thai BBQ seitan ribs.

Thai BBQ vegan ribs from the Cinnamon Snail

This isn’t a special sandwich that I’ve noticed on the truck before and usually when The Snail runs specials they only go through the week, so this might be your last chance to pick up this particular sandwich for sometime. It comes with pickled onions and Thai basil, arugula, smoked chili roasted peanuts and sriracha mayo on grilled baguette for $9, or you can get them over greens, as I did, for the same price. I used to be rather skeptical of seitan, but the Snail does it up right (it was their “Thanksgiving Sandoo” that started me rethinking seitan). The ribs are super flavorful and have a spicy kick- as with all of their sandwiches there’s a lot going on. My order didn’t lack for spiced roasted peanuts or pickles. Having tasted a good portion of the truck’s menu, I can definitely say this special ranks among my favorites and I’ll be on the lookout for the next time they have it on board.

Word on the street is the Snail will be updating their seasonal menu in the coming weeks and for those who have gluten allergies or sensitivities there are going to be a bunch more options for you on the menu. Today they’re parked right around the corner from their normal Friday spot. You can find them on 47th between Park and Madison from 9:00-3:00. As always, check the Twitter Tracker or follow them @VeganLunchTruck to make sure they haven’t been forced to move.

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