Cinnamon Snail Selling Classic Donuts for 15 cents Today!

Cinnamon Snail box of assorted doughnuts

The Cinnamon Snail Truck is celebrating hitting 15k likes on Facebook with 15 cent classic donuts today. Flavors include: maple glazed with toasted coconut, brown sugar beer glazed, traditional apple cider, fresh strawberry glazed, plain glazed, passion fruit glazed, raspberry blackout, chocolate glazed, chocolate cookie glazed, and coconut thai basil (note: this is a photo I had of their donuts, so not all the donuts pictured are the classic donuts–but you can see the coconut thai basil, raspberry blackout and the apple cider). Limit of 6 per customer at that price. They’ll also have the rest of their donuts and pastries available at their normal prices. They are parked in their typical Wednesday spot at 55th and Broadway, but as always, check the Twitter Tracker or follow them @VeganLunchTruck to make sure they haven’t been forced to move.


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    Sold out by 12:30 :( In retrospect, maybe a smaller max would’ve been better (2 per person?)…

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    Yeah who is passing up 6 donuts for under a dollar to share with others in order to fish around for some pocket change?

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    FYI, the “Worlds biggest bake sale” is happening at Grand Central today. It’s for charity and everything is $5 from what I’ve been told. It closes at 7:00 or when they are sold out.

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    They all look tasty, but I found out just after they sold out. You post such great news. Any chance we can have more of an advance notice next time?

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