Lunch’er Copyboy Reports: Indus Express is Now Masala Junction

Earlier this month we reported that Indus Express (on 48th btw. 5+6th) had been shut down by the marshalls and put up for rent. Today Lunch’er Copyboy checked in with this update…

Monday the former Indus Express, 48 W. 48th St. reopened as Masala Junction. It’s pretty much the same restaurant but with a new owner, new lease, and new signage. The prices are basically the same – $8.99 for a vegetable box, $9.99 for meat, $6.99 for a samosa chaat, the only thing I order here. Gone is the misguided sub sandwich kiosk, restored is the plastic cutlery self-service stand. The cashier told me that they fixed a lot of kitchen issues, changed some recipes. She’s a holdover from Indus Express as are most of the other employees.

My chaat was somehow different – I think the samosa recipe has changed subtly. But it’s still tangy and delicious, heavy on the chana masala.

Check out the photo after the jump…

Masala Junction, 48 W. 48th (btw. 5+6th)


  • I had lunch there today. It’s pretty much the exact same food as Indus. I was really disappointed because Indus had gotten pretty bland and they always had the same dishes. Oh well.

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    Was this the best Indian food I’ve ever had? Not by a long shot, but it wasn’t terrible either. I had the veggie combo, which was $8.50 and included rice, dal, nan and two vegetable dishes. The service is quick, there are places to sit and it gets the job done.

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