The Steel Cart Sells Sandwiches, Not Knives

I was very confused when I walked by 53rd Street and Park Avenue on Friday. It looked like a new cart, right next to the King of Falafel and Schwarma, was hawking slice ‘em and dice ‘em knives. As I got closer, I noticed a food menu and started chatting with the guys on the cart.

Friday was their first day in Midtown, but they have been setting up downtown and in Dumbo for the last few weeks. They plan to make this a regular Friday (and possibly Tuesday) location. I had already ordered lunch, otherwise I would have been all over the Bourgois Pig sandwich (honey ham, brie, and baked pear).


The menu caters to both the breakfast and lunch crowd, with hot cereals and Greek yogurt alongside daily soups and meat heavy sandwiches. I’m still not sure what the knife motif is all about, but if the food is good I don’t really care what they call themselves. According to Twitter, they’re back on 53rd and Park today. Anybody get a chance to try out the food last week?  Let us know how it was in the comments…

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