Mexico Blvd’s Lunch Combos Are the Way To Go

Mexico Blvd hit the streets last year, and after Anna’s first look, I made a mental note that I needed to get myself a torta. Fast forward an entire year, and I realized I had totally failed at doing that. Luckily, they’ve parked in Midtown often lately, so I was able to remedy this wrong pretty easily. Better yet, I got to check out their lunch combos.

Mexico Blvd is now offering a handful of lunch combos that range $8-$10 (mostly $10), which means I was able to try that guacamole that Anna didn’t get to last year. After careful deliberation, I ordered the Tinga Torta (shredded chicken in a tomato and chipotle sauce) combo with guac and chips, which came to $10. Ordered separately, this would break the ML budget.

First, the torta. The thing that makes this torta even more awesome than I expected was that there is a layer of crispy cheese on the bottom piece of bread. You definitely want that, so when they ask you if you want the cheese, your answer should be “yes.”

Don’t let this neat photo fool you: in Anna’s original assessment, she called her Pastor Torta comically messy, which is 100% true. My torta was so tall, I wasn’t able to fit the sandwich in my mouth, which meant every bite caused things to fall out from all directions. As long as you know what you’re getting into — and have some extra napkins on hand — it’s fine, because in the end you’re left with a second lunch in the container that you can enjoy with a fork (boring!), or you can add some shredded chicken atop your chips and guac (awesome!).

The guacamole was smooth with small chunks of onion and spots of cilantro, which was a great compliment to the aforementioned shredded chicken that fell out of the sandwich. So, if you’re considering an $8 torta at Mexico Blvd, it is absolutely worth it to upgrade to the combo with the small guac and freshly made chips to enjoy the “second meal.”

Mexico Blvd has been spending a lot of time in Midtown lately (they’re parked on 46th & 6th today), so definitely check out the ML Twitter Tracker or @MexicoBlvd for their exact location before heading out.


  • FREAK OF TH…..

    oh no, not again

  • I’m with you Fred. I miss the profiles…

    Love this truck, except for the el Pastor. Does anyone know where to get authemtic (on the spit) Pastor???

    • The La Montanita cart (“The Coffee Place”), written up here a few days ago) said they’re going to start selling tacos al pastor soon. They may already have them, and the rest of the food is very good, so that might be worth a shot. 40th street just off 8th ave, outside the NY Times building.

  • Sandwich looks like Felix at the ballet when it should look like a hungover Oscar in a tijuana whorehouse

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