Certe’s New ‘This Little Piggy’ Sandwich is No Joke

On Tuesday, we announced Certe’s latest sandwich of the month, This Little Piggy. I was intrigued enough by the description to stop by and check it out because I don’t think I’d ever eaten a sandwich on a waffle before, yet alone one encrusted with cheese.  To say this “sandwich” is an interesting one would be a huge understatement.

Along with peppercress, there was a huge helping of maple glazed pork belly stuffed into the waffle, to the point that the sandwich was a bit difficult to pick up. The maple glaze actually complemented the waffle quite nicely – the blend of flavors was reminiscent of a more typical waffle/syrup combination. The cheddar cheese was subtle and mostly tucked away in the waffle pockets; it seemed slightly out of place, not totally meshing with the sweet, breakfast vibe that the rest of the sandwich had going on. The peppercress tasted like… well, pepper, which I enjoyed.

After taking a few bites, the sandwich looked something like this:

Yeah, you’re probably going to need some napkins for this bad boy. The pork itself was pretty greasy, consisting mostly of soft, fatty pieces. The fatty bites pack the most flavor, but are also the messiest. The waffle, it turns out, only does a so-so job of containing large piles of greasy meat. I wouldn’t blame anyone for using a fork and knife here – it’s the sort of sandwich I want to take a shower after eating.

Was it tasty? Absolutely. Do I need to order it again? Probably not. This is a strangely unique sandwich creation, and while enjoyable, it’s not really suitable for any sort of quick or casual meal. Recommended only for the boldest lunchers.

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St. (btw 5+6th). 212-397-2020


  • Completely delicious and utterly worth it.

    However. It is messy and greasy as hell and the waffle was overly crumbly. This is a sandwich better eaten warm, because at cool and cooling the pork belly clumps up and gets greasier.

    As a one-off experience it was great. But next time I want a pork belly sandwich I’m going to grab a Banh Mi at Hing Won.

  • Cer Te does it again. Why isn’t Chef Edward on Chopped yet?

  • This is one of those creations one comes up with while really really stoned.

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