Good to Go Organics Brings Stadium Prices to Midtown East

I was on my way to grab a sandwich at the Amish Market on 45th St. – a favorite for my office – the other day, when I saw a new lunch spot hidden by recently erected scaffolding. Good to Go Organics (45th St btw. 3rd+2nd) looked like it served food you’d find at a sports stadium – hot dogs, chicken fingers, sausages, etc. – but all organic. Indeed, as it turns out, Good to Go has a location inside Metlife Stadium and started out with hot dog stands in Central Park. Simple food made with quality ingredients is an idea I can get behind, so I stopped in to try out the Midtown East newcomer.

I decided to go with the chicken and apple sausage, which comes served on multigrain flatbread with spicy brown mustard, pickle relish, and white onion. The sausage itself, advertised as grilled, is sliced down the center and seared on a flat top. Slicing the sausage lets the toppings sit comfortably inside, which made for a not-too messy eating experience.

The sausage tasted great (chicken and apple is a classic combination, in my opinion), but not any more tasty than a store-bought sausage I could grill myself. It was also quite small, as you can see below. It’s the size of a regular hot dog. At $5.89 its very expensive for its size.

The same goes for the Farmhouse Melt, a grilled chicken wrap that’s also the size of a hotdog (it’s served in the same container, as almost everything from Good to Go seems to be) but costs $8.89. But whereas the sausage tasted good, the chicken melt fell flat.

The chicken was pre-cut and pre-cooked, then warmed on the flat top. The rest of the melt – white cheddar cheese, grilled onions, spinach and barbecue sauce – was alright, but nothing special. Had the chicken actually been grilled, the melt could have been good, but sadly it was not. The tangy sauce was really the only bright spot.

Good to Go also has chili, which, I am told, they make in-house. I order a side of chili cheese tater tots ($4.89). The tots sounded great and I was looking forward to them. Alas, the tots, like the melt, also fell short. The tater tots just tasted a bit… off. The chili was heavy with tomato sauce and had what looked like peas in it. Who puts peas in chili?

Eating at Good to Go, I got the feeling that most of its food could be bought in a grocery store. Maybe it was the Applegate Farms napkins that tipped me off. Good to Go gets a lot of its product from Applegate, and if you go to the Applegate Farms website, you can find that tasty chicken and apple sausage for sale. You can also find packaged, pre-cooked chicken strips that I have to assume were in my melt.

So let’s recap: Good to Go Organics sells stadium food at stadium prices, makes its meals with pre-cooked products that you can find in a supermarket, and the one thing I know is made in-house – the chili – isn’t very good. In the end, the math just doesn’t add up.

Good to Go Organics, 216 East 45th St. btw. 2nd (btw. 2nd and 3rd Aves.)


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    I give it another 3 months. It’s in my building and still only went once.

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    I have been to Good to Go several times and really enjoyed my experience each time I was there. I found the staff to be much more friendly than many other typical lunch places and the food is delicious and healthy. My favorite is the all natural baked chicken tender wrap. Honestly, by far the best baked chicken tender I’ve ever had anywhere! All natural chicken with no hormones, antibiotics, etc. Also comes with organic cheddar cheese and a fabulous all natural honey mustard sauce. The chicken was a nice crispy golden on the outside with a delicious juicy tenderness on the inside that was perfect. It does cost $1-$2 more than generic wraps around the city but it’s truly refreshing for me to fine delicious organic food prepared to order. Finding food we can trust these days is important to me and having Applegate meats helps to ensure a quality I believe we can all trust.

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