Win Tickets to SVP’s Great Street Meet!

Andrea over at Downtown Lunch has the full scoop on the Street Vendor Project’s upcoming event on April 2 called The Great Street. (You might know them from a little event that they host called The VENDYS!). The Great Street Meet is an opportunity to eat some tasty food from vendors and hit up an open bar, not to mention celebrate the passing of the the recent City Council bill to cut the $1,000 vendor fines in half. That’s a win street food lovers everywhere! Buy a ticket before Friday, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a fancy street meat dinner at Ma Peche. Check out their site to buy tickets and learn more about how to win.


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    I would love to m-e-a-t some of our cities finest!

  • Your title is totally borked.

    If you buy tickets before Friday and/or get re-tweeted from the event you CAN win a Chicken o/v rice format meal at Ma Peche.

    Soooo…you can’t win anything unless you buy into this event…which is lacking IMO.

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    For some reason, the only Pizza By Certe comment section that is unavailable for posting, is attached to the blatant advertisement for “Matzo Pizza” that isn’t kosher for passover. Whats the point of making matzo pizza if it isn’t kosher for passover? Wouldn’t you just eat regular pizza? I thought midtown lunch was a place for unbiased food listings. This seems like nothing more than an advertisement for Pizza by Certe

    • Sorry! The comments being closed was a complete oversight. We’ve opened them now…

      Why isn’t the pizza kosher for passover? Because it hasn’t been blessed and is being cooked in a place that serves bread? We thought it was a fun thing to post about… I assure you we weren’t paid (although I wish we had been!)

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