Flatiron Lunch: Spreads Might be the New Dominant Sandwich Spot in Flatiron

Every Friday we go south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch.

My spies informed me two-three weeks ago that the spot formerly occupied by Eat-a-Pita at 30th and Park finally opened as Spreads. And considering these spies (okay, really just friends that work across the street) went several times in the first week, I figured I would skip the First Look and jump right in.

Based on their recommendations and evaluating the menu online beforehand, I was totally planning to go rogue and order the mahi mahi sandwich at $10.50. In my head, I even started to craft some justification for going over budget. But alas, my plan to break the rules was foiled, because they were sold out!!

When you enter Spreads, you stay to the right along the ropes to place you order, then wait inside the rope “L” shape for your order to be prepared. With only about 10 stools, it really is a take-out place. It seems like everything is made to order, so my meals took a couple minutes.

My friends had highly recommended anything chicken schnitzel (salad or sandwich.) In fact, one of them swore that the chicken schnitzel salad was better than sandwich, because it was more a platter with some lettuce, brussel sprouts and potato salad. I opted for the sandwich ($9.75). I wish I could recreate this sandwich at home.

The Schnitzeled chicken was tender and flavorful, although it was a little thick to be schnitzel in my mind. And a thinner chicken that actually reaches the corners of the bread would have been better. Kaleslaw is a great idea, especially for people like me who like greens. They are not kidding around the roasted garlic aioli. My poor boss had to meet with me after lunch, and I was convinced she had wafts of garlic breath floating towards her. All the elements of this sandwich came together perfectly for me. Because it was noticeably warm, I ate this sandwich first, but I have to admit, it overwhelmed my taste buds for turkey sandwich that came next.

Without the mahi mahi as an option, I ordered the turkey sandwich ($ 9.50). The bread was crazy good and toasted, but strangely the cheese was not melted. So I thought maybe they toast the bread and then compile the cold ingredients on the sandwich. The chipotle aioli was amazing. While I normally wouldn’t complain about too much of a protein, the sizable pile of turkey bordered on overwhelming this sandwich. . I am not sure if it was because there was so much of it bunched in the middle or the taste wasn’t that great…I hope it isn’t both. I think it was more noticeable as a leftover and not when I first started eating.

As someone who crumbles tortilla chips on her salad for crunch, I was a fan of the chips in the sandwich. How can you argue with something that is salty and crispy? For me, one of the standout items on the turkey sandwich was the roasted Aleppo peppers, because they were just a little bit spicy, like a better version of regular roasted peppers. Immediately, I started to think how good they would be with eggs. Yum… Do I get a cut when Spreads starts serving breakfast sandwiches with roasted Aleppo peppers?

I consider these pretty large and filling sandwiches. Between the two I ordered, I didn’t finish two halves.

Oh and there is thing there called Nutella Espresso Panna Cotta ($2.75). Repeat after me. Nutella. Espresso. Panna Cotta. It was outstanding. Subtle, but flavorful. It would be tough for me to return and not get it again.

Overall, I was very impressed with Spreads and would absolutely recommend it. Is it mean of me to hope they put a certain peddler of $5 foot longs on the block out of business?

THE + (What people who like this place will say)

  • This is the sandwich I would make for myself if I had the time and the skills
  • Someday I am going to get both chicken schnitzels to finally resolve which is better
  • For the size and the quality, these sandwiches are reasonably priced.

THE – (What people who don’t like this place will say)

  • Hello, Garlic Breath!
  • It is a shame the turkey doesn’t hold up as leftovers
  • Why can’t sandwich places learn to put the ingredients to the corners? Why???

Spreads, 459 Park Ave South btwn 30th St & 31st St, (212) 758-5555


  • looks pretty good and unique.

  • I’ve walked by this but haven’t checked it out yet. Now, I might have to — the sandwiches look great! A little on the pricey side for the basic sandwiches (especially something like a turkey sandwich — if I want turkey, I’ll bring it from home) but the fancy ones sound really good. How expensive were the salads? I think that thick fried chicken (“schnitzel,” whatever) would be great on a salad.

    (Also, Sarah, you have beautiful nails.)

  • Thank you for posting about this place, Sarah. I wasn’t sure it was open or any good, and now I have an idea. One of my co-workers said a buddy that works across the street likes this spot a lot and then we started comparing it to Potbelly. It sounds like this place has more interesting options. This just might be what I try for late Friday lunch, because my co-worker also said it’s very crowded at peak lunch time.

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    I just went, not often that anything gets a glowing review in this area. Wait was short, about 5 minutes, and I tried the roast beef sandwich. Honestly, I’m not sure that it is worth what they are charging. I’m definitely willing to try it again, but I am very much on the fence.

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    I just polished off the house smoked salmon salad and every element was delicious: fresh greens, ripened avocado, a great mustard vinaigrette, as well as the salmon itself. Really a standout lunch option.

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