Nino’s 46 Introduces Cheaper Lunch and To Go Menu

The last time we visited Nino’s 46 (formerly Nino’s Trattoria), it had just reopened and we’ll sheepishly admit that we may have complained a bit about theirĀ new, pricier menu. Well they must have been listening, because this week Nino’s 46 began offering a lunch menu that doubles as an all day to-go menu. And we’re pleased to report this new menu has plenty of items under $10. The “Classic Nino’s Heros” include their chicken parm, meatball parm, eggplant parm, shrimp parm, and sausage & peppers, and are all between $7 and $9. Also listed are several salads, sandwiches, and a good selection of breakfast items (that look delicious) for under $10. Thanks Nino’s, we’ll be heading back soon.


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    Smart move. I’ve seen some people sitting down for meals in the back but it’s doing nowhere near the volume it did with lunch before the fire.

  • they also changed their pizza recipe which doesn’t come anywhere even close to as good as it was before…I’m still going to pass on this place unless you guys start saying that it’s worth it (doubtful)

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