Bombay Fast Food Now Has Twice the Options

Thanks to Lunch’er Hengde for sending over this quick little report about everybody’s favorite Indian place (formerly in the back of a newsstand.) 

There’s a new, 2nd, Indian food vendor in the back of Bombay Fast Food on 6th btw. 37th and 38th. I tried ordering one veg[etable dish] from each side, that’s when they told me that they were two different vendors. The original vegetarian Gujarati vendor on the left is still there, but I didn’t see chaat ingredients on display anymore – hopefully they’ve just moved them back to the kitchen. The new vendor had meat, chicken and lamb curries on the day I stopped in. Their special is 2 vegetables or vegetable + a meat, rice (only one kind – it’s seasoned but not as much as the original’s yellow rice) daal, and naan.  The first vendor’s special is 2 vegs, white or yellow rice, 3 rotis, daal, onions, spicy pickle, and sweet. The 2 Vegetable deal is about a dollar more than the original vendor, but their daal is much thicker than the first vendor’s, which is always more like soup. So that was a nice change, which worked well over the rice. I also tried their aloo matar (potatoes and peas) and saag paneer (spinach w/ cheese) and both were very good. The sauce with the aloo matar was nice and thick. I think the portions of vegs they gave were bigger than the first vendor’s too, those guys been skimping on me a bit lately. But anyway it’s nice to go in there and have twice the options now. Cheers, Hengde.

Bombay Fast Food, 1013 6th Ave (btw 37+38th). 212-840-3767


  • I’m kind of confused…

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    I think it was 5.99 or 6.99. They also have dollar slices

  • Haha sorry that was a bit rambly. I should have written everything more coherently :) But the options are:

    Original Vendor: $7.58 (says $6.99 but they started doing tax)
    2 Vegetables
    White or Yellow Rice (yellow seasoned with peas, carrots, cashews, and raisins)
    3 Rotis
    Soupy Daal
    Raw onions
    Small Spicy Pickle
    Small sauce-sized container of sweet balls kind of like captain crunch but softer

    New Vendor (above picture): $8.66
    2 Vegetables (not sure if one meat/one veg makes it more expensive)
    Slightly seasoned rice with I think saffron?
    Thicker Daal

  • Came back after a hiatus from ML work. So many more options to choose from. I asked for samosa chaat and naan. Who needs meat. By the way, whats up with the meat options. I thought this place was veg only. Even more a reason to head back again. Co worker seems impressed with a huge bag of food for 9 bucks. Was slightly more impressed when I showed him what I got.

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    Had lunch today, good portion size, but at $10 bucks not a bargain. Tasty though, and I would return.

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