Lunch’er DDR Reports: Zucker’s Pastrami is the Real Deal

A few weeks ago, we gave you a first look at Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish on Lex btw. 40+41st. At the end of the post Brian mentioned that the owner seemed pretty confident about his pastrami, and a few days ago Lunch’er DDR wrote in to let us know that it is as good as advertised: “I just had their pastrami sandwich on an everything bagel today and it was outstanding. Not the typical pre-made block of meat that many delis unwrap from plastic and slice onto bread. This was fresh, warm, moist, juicy and flavorful, approaching 2nd Avenue Deli’s pastrami (which I guess is the best of a weak lot in Midtown). Not all that peppery, but very high quality pastrami, just the same. For $9.95, you get a solid amount of pastrami and you shouldn’t leave hungry. This sandwich is a hidden gem right now. I don’t want to blow it up but I also feel bad because these guys had only a slow trickle of business during the lunch hour today, although the pastrami alone is worth repeat visits.” That’s good to know. ┬áNow let’s make sure this place doesn’t go the way of Times Square Hot Bagels.


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    I can’t speak more highly of this place — everything is fresh and portions are generous. It would be easy to eat there every day in a week and not get bored or eat the same thing. The owner told me he will soon start daily specials like the Zuckers in Tribeca has.

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    Bagels are phenomenal. I’m a bit of a bagel junkie, and these are the best in Manhattan for sure, including their related Murray’s and Leo’s shops. Loving this location so close to home. They opened at a tough time with the weather being so extremely cold, but when the word is out I expect long lunch lines. Been 3x so far…everything top notch. Best of course is the classic bagel and lox sandwich, with a perfect schmear and of course Acme smoked nova. A nice atmosphere with pretty good table space, this is a great addition to the area.

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    This place is outstanding. A little on the pricey side ($6 for a bacon/egg/cheese) but it’s easily the best bagel in a 10 block radius (maybe even more). The smoked salmon is incredible too. Haven’t had the pastrami yet, but that will definitely be my next order.

  • Just went back again for lunch. ML really blew them up. The pastrami was killer again, but the staff could not satisfy the crowd today. The number of people waiting for their food grew, with missed orders, orders getting filled out of turn, and seemingly unreasonably long waits. I hope they get it right soon.

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    Pastrami at Zuckers in the Fidi is hit and miss. My first order was as described; juicy and tasty. Subsequent orders were leathery and nasty.

    My guess is that they make up a batch and keep selling it until it either goes bad or they run out, and my second and third orders were near the end of the line for that piece of pastrami.

    So I suppose if it gets popular, you’re more likely to get eatable pastrami.

  • Where is the Pastrami kept between carvings?
    If it’s kept in a steamer to keep warm, it will
    inevitably dry out throughout the day. Katz’s can get away with it because they go through so much of it, so quickly. Deli’s who use steamers to keep Pastrami and Corned Beef warm also run afoul of the DOH because the steamed meat is technically not hot enough to inhibit
    bacterial growth, just like the hanging meats in Chinese restaurants.

  • Wow, this pastrami sandwich with everything bagel was absolutely amazing. The portions are huge and it tasted really good. Its definitely the best pastrami sandwich I have had in midtown. My only complaint is that the sandwich with a order of chips came out to over 12 bucks (I have to have chips with my sandwich). I would definitely go back to this place, the sandwich is too good to pass up. Thanks midtown lunch!!!

  • I’ve been a few times since they opened in midtown and I think the speed and preparation have gotten better each time. Today I had the whitefish special on a toasted everything. Very strong portion of whitefish salad with tomato and onion. Bagel was very tasty as well. Top 3 bagel in midtown along with Tal’s and Essa. Will definitely be back.

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