Blimpie is the Worst Lunch in Midtown According to 30 Rock Series Finale

We’ve always known that the TV show 30 Rock was actually filmed in Queens, and not right in the center of our lunch wasteland. But that hasn’t stopped us from imagining that the food loving Liz Lemon was eating at the same Midtown lunch places as us all these years. In Season 1 that dream seemed possible when Kenneth’s church was filmed as a secret doorway in the back of Margon, but mostly the references to food and lunch were relatively vague. Until last night that is! We here at Midtown Lunch consider it a pretty huge victory that a major segment of last night’s series finale of 30 Rock was devoted to making sure that Lutz didn’t get to order the crew’s final lunch from Blimpie.  Momofuku and Per Se were yelled out as suggestions before Liz settled on Nobu 57… but the running gag was that Blimpie is horrible.  Maybe they only felt that way because they never go to try the Indian Blimpie.

Anyway, thank you 30 Rock.  Not only for 7 great seasons, but for putting the important job of picking lunch for your office up on the pedestal where it belongs. If you could pick one Midtown Lunch to go out on, what would it be?


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