New Empanada Cart Pops Up on 38th St.

Lunch’er Hengde wrote in a few days ago to let us know about a brand new empanada cart on the NW corner of 38th & Broadway:

The owner said he’s there every day from 7AM – 4 PM.  I tried a chicken empanada, the dough was really tasty (it was deep fried, of course it was tasty), and the inside was actually a pretty moist mix of light and dark meat. Nothing fancy though, just the chicken. It wasn’t overly stuffed but still pretty filling. 3 of these would definitely make a filling lunch for most people for $6, albeit not the healthiest. Oh yea and the hot sauce had a real kick to it.

Check out a shot of the empanada after the jump.

Big thanks to Hengde for the tip.  Any other early adopters try this cart yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Empanada Cart, NW Corner of 38th & Broadway


  • I think these guys are one of the Nameless Empanada Cart empire’s possessions, relocated or newly deployed with signage redone:

  • That psychedelic hand-drawn sign is makin’ me want to eat there, man.

  • MJP you’re right – the cart in the image on the 2nd post on that link has the same sign on the side.

    • Yeah, the eye too. I’ve seen that one on 34th/8th southwest more than once, but they have another with a smiley-face sign.

      I love these guys, I just wish they would do a guava/cheese empanada or maduro and cheese empanada. I became addicted to ‘em in Miami and Sophie’s seems to be the only place that’ll do the former.

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    This is not brand new. I’ve been working at 39th and Broadway for 5 months, and that cart has been there since I started.

  • I was running some errands in the area today, so I got a cheese empanada to go with my soup– not only were the man and woman at the cart really nice, even in the cold, but my empanada is really delicious. The hot sauce (seems homemade?) is really great too– nice burn but with nice flavor too!

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