TS Ma on 9th is Turning Fusionese

TS Ma, which hasn’t gotten much notice from us in the past, has shuttered and is changing things up a bit. An anonymous tipster (who may be my boss’ boss’ boss, so if this article doesn’t get published I’m out of a job – no pressure) got word to me that the new sign was put up just about yesterday. Now renamed Fusion 9th, it looks like they’ve moved from Chinese and sushi probably not worth eating to pan-Asian. I’m sure we can safely replace “Fusion” with “Multiple cuisine hodgepodge” in our minds, though, given the window.

Past the insurance shutter, you can see into the restaurant. It doesn’t look like it’s a major gut-and-rebuild operation and there are no construction permits in the windows yet. It could just be a redecoration and change up of menu. To be honest, with Aura Thai and Thai Select literally within two short blocks’ walk, Tabata, Zoob Zib, and Lunch Box slinging amazing noodle soups, and Lunch Box serving up bubble tea, the only real draw in my opinion will be the Malayasian food. I’d kill for tofu nyonya and/or char kuey tiow being readily available in this chunk of southwest Midtown. TS Ma didn’t do too great in their last DoH restaurant inspection, though – they got changed from a C to Grade Pending.

Our tipster reports that the owners sold the Manhattan location and are open in Montclair, NJ.

We’ll see what transpires as they continue building – I hold out hope for coconut rice and Malaysian curry!

Fusion 9th Asian Cuisine, 480 9th Ave. (Between 36th and 37th)


  • Yeah, more Thai places is definitely what 9th Avenue needs!

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    This place was actually a decent traditional (american style) sit down chinese place, which are scarce in this city. I used to eat here when I worked in the Associated Press building by 10th Ave. Shame it is now going to be some B.S. fusion joint where they do nothing well instead of something kinda well.

  • When Chinese restaurants go fusion, their quality usually goes way down.

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