Daheen Wang Mandoo is Now Open!

Just got word from Lunch’er Daniel that Daheen Wang Mandoo, the new Korean dumpling place on 32nd btw. 5+6th, is open for business.  According to him “the Mandoo buns are $2 each, as opposed to Food Gallery 32 across the street, which charges $2.50 each.  [And] the buns they’re offering are beef, chicken, chicken curry, kimchi, shrimp and pizza but no pork” for some unknown reason.  Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.


  • It was pretty bad. They have a few mandu options listed but they only offered 3: shrimp, kimchi and beef (which is pork). The kimchi was blah and the beef/pork ones were really really bad (it tasted super sour- which I think is from an overdose of pre-peeled garlic). Needless to say no one at the table finished their mandu.

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    tried the kalbi, pizza, pork (their house special), and red bean. pizza was…interesting. the rest were not tasty, and were unfortunately very filling with their respective untastinesses. will opt for bunch going forward.

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    Went there today and ordered the Braised Pork buns. They served me 2 buns with a small salad for about $8.00 and I’m still hungry. All very vinegary… the salad a little sweet too. Everything was ok… not great, but not bad. I would go back, but I wouldn’t order the same thing. The service was great though! They brought me water while I waited and were very kind.

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