Bhabi Halal is the Latest to Hit the Kati Roll Scene

We got a tip from Luncher Proby about a new halal cart on 47th Street and 6th Avenue. He told us it was being run by the woman who used to work at Biryani Cart’s Sandwich Land  and that the kati rolls were bigger and just as good as the iconic ones over on 46th. I stopped by a couple of Fridays ago and discovered that the cart, called Bhabi Halal, has actually been at this location for about 6 months. The owner told me she is actually Meru’s relative and serves the same sort of food, but with her own twists.

Having a pretty strong bias towards Biryani Cart, I wasn’t planning on ordering anything since it would be difficult to fairly compare. But the chicken smelled so good and I have a hard time resisting a kati roll. The prices are the same – $6 for two rolls and the descriptions are more simply described.

My chicken tika kati roll was indeed huge. In fact, it was too big. The roll was overflowing with ingredients and it was not wrapped fully. So I had a very difficult time eating it without a fork and lots of napkins. The rich flavors were great with a nice white sauce, onions and fresh cilantro. But I found this just a little too over-the-top with a persistent greasy messiness. Meru’s kati rolls are a bit more refined with more nuanced flavors while still maintaining that decadent butteriness.

That being said, these are still tasty and you certainly get more food for the price. She is also offering standard dishes like biryani, samosas, and chapli kebab platters, alongside Sandwich Land-y fare like philly cheese steaks. Might be a good option if the line on 46th Street is too long.

Bhabi Halal, 47th & 6th Ave.


  • Is it the lady who would always yell “Next in line!” even though there is never a line at sandwich land?

  • That’s her. It’s called marketing!

    Try her samosas (with a little mint-habanero sauce on the side) or her chicken tikka pita. At $4, it could be the best lunch value in the city.

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    I saw these guys mentioned in some show, I think it was Eat Street, I figured my co-worker give it a try. We were actually on the way to the Halal Guys on 53rd. I got Spicy Chicken Biryani and my co-worker got Chicken and rice. His chicken was good. I barely got any chicken at all, it had no taste and there was way too much rice. Big disappointment if you ask me, so much that I had to come on to register just to post this.

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