BLT American Brasserie to Open A Few Blocks Away From LT Burger

If LT Burger doesn’t satisfy your overpriced burger needs, never fear! Chef Laurent Tourondel (shall we call him LT?) is opening another restaurant, BLT American Brasserie, just blocks away on 45th between 5th and 6th in the Cassa New York Hotel. The humble acronym BLT paired with the haughty descriptor Brasserie won’t fool many Midtown Lunchers. If it’s anything like its Chicago counterpart (which, according to Yelp, is now closed) it’s going to serve more expensive burgers, along with pizza (no, pardon me, pizettas, which to me, means nothing more than a tiny pizza), sushi, salads, steak, and other foods you can readily find in America. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that a lunch at BLT is going cost far more than most sensible Lunchers are willing to spend.


  • That’s not news, it’s been that way for months. Does anyone have any idea when it is going to open?

  • So whats the deal with Tourondel and the BLT brand (Owned by ESquared)? I thought he broke away a couple years ago, which led to A) Him taking over Brasserie Rhulman in rock center, and B) His opening of LT Burger in the Hamptons, which was kind of a trump to the old BLT Burger. Is this BLT American a rebirth of their partnership?

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    BLT is no longer affiliated with Tourondel , they broke up in a bad divorce a few years ago. LT burger is Tourondel though.

    • That’s what I thought! But apparently this BLT American still has Tourondel all over it. It’s not included on the Esquared website (all other BLT’s are). and the website for this place states that LT is behind it, along with still having roots with the BLT places. Odd.

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