Nominate Your Favorite 2012 Midtown Lunch Spot Now

It’s that time of year again, when we reflect on the past 365 days of stuffing our face for under $10 and vote on who we think rules the Midtown Lunch’ing scene.  Got a favorite you don’t want left out of the mix?  Think your favorite lunch spot deserves to stand above the rest?  Nominate them in the comments below.  And next week we’ll vote on the best in a number of categories, from falafel to burgers, pizza to ramen.

The Best Lunches in Midtown As Decided by You: 2011 Readers’ Poll Results


  • I ain’t gonna lie,the beef udon soup @ Cranberry cafe is great for 7 bucks (It’s $6.50 + tax = $7.08).

    I’ll also nominate Park Italian Gourmet for sandwiches.

  • Just had some Park, my go to. They raised their prices. Granted only 50 cents across the board but I add extras, might make me consider alternatives.

  • I’m sure most of my favorites get nominated by default, so:

    Gobuki cart: Korean, the kalbi and bulgogi sandwiches are full of flavor and a real bargain, and the over-rice options aren’t too shabby either.

    Mexican: Eggs Travaganza and Tacos y Quesadillas (I’d bet these were going to make the list anyway, but hey). I love Eggs’ chorizo, especially in burrito form, but I haven’t found a match to the T&Q torta in midtown. Plus, lengua, too.

    • i always seem to forget Gobuki…and its right outside. Sandwiches are great, especially for the price. Though it does leave me a little hungry later one. but hey, for $5-$6, I really can’t complain.

  • I second Park. Also can’t stop myself from going to El Rey Del Sabor and Karam is my healthier option. I would have written Yagura in here if it was still open.

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    My coworkers and I are huge fans of Naya Express on 3rd Avenue between 43rd St. & 44th St. — let’s throw that into the mix.

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    Toum truck- the Beef Kabab sandwich is amazing at $8 it leaves me full and happy!

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    I nominate Karam and Dishes (even though it is tough to stay under $10 there). I’ll also nominate Tri Tip Grill.

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    Loving Glaze Teriyaki Grill at 53rd and Lexington! Affordable and fresh off the grill every time :)

  • I’ll nominate Tabata Ramen. I’m there once a week. Usually a Tan Tan Men, Sutamina, Black Ramen rotation.

  • My personal bias shines through here but Soup Stop is as good as it gets, period.

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    My all time fave spot is Desi Galli on Lexington…!! AMAZING indian fast food..!!

    • Midtown, not Flatiron. When the site expands to make a full-fledged Flatiron Lunch tab, maybe then you can vote them in.

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    I’m new to midtown east. Previti Pizza on 41st and Lex. Has the best pizza in midtown. I know pizza I’m from Brooklyn.

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    I would give Naya express a big five, chicken shawarma classic on white pita. Omg!! I do it twice a week

  • I nominate magdy’s for cart, their philly cheesesteak and lamb combination rice platter is the best and most filling meal I have had.

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    Salumeria Biellese. Hot sandwich specials change daily. And they do a GREAT salami egg and cheese for breakfast for the same price as your random bodega.

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    Cinnamon Snail! always and forever

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