Lunch Links (The “Reuben Pizza” Edition)

 Photo courtesy of Gothamist

  • On Monday, the Grand Central Two Boots will start serving a Reuben Pizza [Gothamist]
  • Bi Lokma will rise again in Midtown East!!! [Zagat]
  • Fatburger is coming to Midtown East [Grub Street]
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar just got soft serve [SENY]
  • Bian Dang’s replacement in Food Gallery 32 makes a decent chicken donburi [Food in Mouth]
  • Mr Broadway Kosher Deli makes a good chicken shawarma [SENY]

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  • The article claims that Fatburger is going into 507 3rd Ave which is where Carls Steaks is currently. That space is awfully small for a Fatburger unless they are
    also going to evict Patsy’s Pizzeria and the Sushi place next door. There’s already a Bare Burger across the street and a Jackson Hole burger place a few doors down.

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