Woorijip’s Noodle Bar is No More

Lunch’er Amanda pointed out to us the other day that K-town’s cheap and wonderful stalwart Woorijip has taken out their fresh-made noodle option. Formerly at the back of the almost-always-crowded self-serve restaurant, it’s been built over and the noodle options moved.

It looks like it’s all premades now. Worse, the portions are way smaller than they used to be, and the cardinal noodle sin of storing the noodles within the broth, causing sogginess, is in clear commission. My heart weeps and sympathies go out to those fans of Woorijip’s noodle bar.

The packed, down-the-middle crowded layout is gone in favor of more space.

I think they’ve expanded on their banchan offerings too, if you want to grab some Korean pickled spicy stuff for future snacking.

I admit, I never did order noodles from them, but everyone I know who went there almost swore by them. There’s still tons of great options (you can and should stuff yourself on the duk bok gi) and they still serve bottles of soju and other interesting adult and all-ages libations that go great with Korean chow.

If anyone’s got a K-town noodle option to fill the void, especially with this not being the first time we’ve been without Woorijip noodles, comment it up!


  • Nice, my tip is on Midtown Lunch! Food Gallery 32 is none too shabby of late, as was recently noted. Additionally, the H Mart has takeaway lunch options. Usually is ddukbokki (fish and rice cakes in gochujang sauce) and soondae (blood sausage). They’ve got a wall of banchan too.

    • I need to go to Food Gallery 32 more often – it’s like eating inside Blade Runner.

      Do not miss the spicy beef ramen at the one place on the first floor in the far right corner, not only is it cheap but it’s huge and it’s perfectly spicy. The beef is proper bulgogi that’s cooked separately and goes great with the spiciness. Just wear a bib, trust me.

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    i always go through the buffet and get food from there but am always intrigued by their extensive amount of packaged meals. does anyone have a thought on all those? I keep not getting them because i would have to pass by the buffet to do so! and the buffet always draws me in! i am weak :(

    • A couple years back I got the clear noodles with veggies and dumplings from the prepackaged. Both were freakin’ great and it was too much for a lunch. I had half of each package and was quite well stuffed. Worst-case, they make great grab-and-go chow for dinner if you go to Woorijip for lunch.

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