Get Soupid: Got any Recommendations for a Soup Column?

If you liked doing $1 slice science, we’re gonna do the same for soup starting soon! Got a place that serves good soup and isn’t Hale & Hearty? So long as it’s not an Asian noodle soup (we all know that it’s not fair to compare Tabata ramen to Soup Spot’s Hungarian mushroom – apples & oranges, anyone?) we want some of your favorite soups! Comment away and they may just get a visit from the Leatherman!


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    The Turkey Chili at Cafe O on 42nd between 5th and 6th. I keep wanting to branch out, but keep getting it because it’s virtually perfect. Plus you get a small soup for free with a salad or sandwich. I love this damn place.

    • How are the salads/sandwiches? Standard generic deli fare, any standouts?

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        Pretty standard, though the salads are surprisingly filling/dense considering how small the containers are. Standard means pretty good in this case though, so it’s a good standby place.

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      Just went today to check out this turkey chili (and get a salad). I was momentarily tempted to go with one of my favorites, hot and sour soup, when I saw that as an option. But I’m glad I stuck with my original intent as I’ll second the recommendation. The broth had a great flavor and a nice little kick, although I would have preferred for them to back off on the salt just a bit. Plenty of junk thrown in there to make it filling, but even saying that, I think I’d go for a cup of just the broth.

      As for the salad, standard but I like that their “pick 6 toppings” doesn’t limit you to one protein, one cheese, etc.

      It’s a bit out of the way for me to be my standard lunch but adding that free soup makes it well worth a visit a week or so.

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    soup truck at 51st and broadway

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    Out of bounds’ish

    Soup Spot, south side of Penn.

    31st btwn 7th&8th

  • Tomato Basil at City 75 on 51st btw 5th and 6th.

    When they have it, the lobster bisque at Cafe Metro on 52nd btw 5th and 6th is surprisingly good.

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    Toasties does a great chicken chili at their 924 Third Ave (b/n 55th & 56th) location and the prices are great.

    Digby’s at 666 5th Avenue (entrance on 53rd) always has a great selection – I love their turkey chili with unlimited toppings as well as the tortilla soup which they almost never have anymore. They also do a $1.99 soup with any sandwich or salad promo.

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