Pearl’s Chinese Is No More

We got a worrisome email yesterday from a Luncher who attempted to order from Pearl’s Chinese on 7th Avenue between 48th and 49th, but with no luck. Upon further investigation, we discovered that Pearl’s has been closed for a few weeks now. How did we miss this?

 A sign on the window reveals that due to rent increases, the cheap and tasty Chinese fast food spot has gone the way of most small businesses in the Times Square area. Their last day of business was October 29. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean one more generic fast food chain will soon take its spot.


  • Sometime in October they posted a sign saying they were closing at the end of that month. I think they couldn’t afford a rent increase. It’s a shame; Pearls wasn’t exceptional or anything but they were decent, dependable and fairly cheap. I’ve been going to John’s Shanghai for Chinese but they’re more expensive. Anyone have any recommendations? I already know about Hing Won by the way.

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    Chinese around here is lacking. Hing Won can be great, but sometimes there stuff is really bad. There is no consistency.

    We have Nan-king, but I think that is gross. I dont know of any other Chinese.

  • Theres also China Gourmet on 8th ave btw 52/53. Prices are really reasonable, lunch specials are usually $6 and change. Though the last time I was there, they were getting new menus, and I think higher prices as well.

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