Pitopia Celebrates 1 Year w/ Free Falafel Today

Pitopia, the falafel place on Broadway and 37th that shocked everyone by winning the Midtown Lunch best falafel reader’s poll last year, has been open for one full year now.  And to celebrate their first anniversary they’ll be giving away free falafel sandwiches all day long today-  starting now until 11pm tonight, and is only available in store.


  • Just a friendly reminder that Pitopia is up there with Maoz, and in my opinion much better, and this is a not-to-be-missed thing.

  • The line was around the block when I walked by. Maybe I could get one by dinnertime by the time I reached the counter.

    On the plus side, the FALAFARRITO is back in Bryant Park!

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    Went here today around 4p and there was no line. Congrats for making 1 year. The falafel was good!

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