Nuchas Now Offering Limited Edition Thanksgiving Empanadas

Recently, to celebrate the holidays, Nuchas launched a Thanksgiving-themed empanada special that features the best of Thanksgiving leftovers … but before the holiday has even begun. As a super-fan of the Thanksgiving meal, I made sure to check out what sounded like a little pocket of heaven from the kiosk in Times Square.

The “limited edition holiday special” is the turkey, butternut squash and cranberries special, which includes not only roasted turkey, the squash and cranberries, but also onions, celery, carrots, orange and fresh herbs in a paprika dough topped with pumpkin seeds. So, feels like some of the elements of stuffing are in there to add a savory touch to the sweeter ingredients.

Sweet and a little salty, the empanada did in fact taste like Thanksgiving leftovers in a neat little package. While I enjoyed it, I’ll note that the $3 price tag always comes up as an issue for the small size of the pocket. That said, they are stuffed with turkey filling — no skimping! So, if you can’t wait until Thursday, head on over to Nuchas to satisfy your Thanksgiving fix this week — the staff are not sure how long they’ll stay on the menu.

Nuchas, Broadway btwn 44th-45th Streets in Times Square

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