Lunch’er Eric reports: Cafe Today Makes a Good Ramen

Got this note from Lunch’er Eric last week, and thought it was worth posting:

As an avid midtown lunch reader, I wanted to give you guys a heads up to one of the best dishes in this city that falls right in your wheelhouse.  The Cafe Today ramen soup!  Cafe Today is on 52 btw 3rd and Lex.  In the back right corner, they make this ramen soup.  Multiple choices of veggies, I go with onions, scallions, sprouts, and carrots (peppers, mushrooms, etc avail).  They crack an egg in there as well that cooks in the broth and tastes amazing.  Lastly, the key secret is a saracha broth!  It is VERY spicy and just so damn good.  I am in no way affiliated with cafe today and have no other reason to promote this soup besides t being spot on awesome.  Also runs you $7 and change.  Picture included — go have it for yourself!!  Enjoy!

So… anybody else tried the ramen at Cafe Today?  Let us know what you think in the comments…


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