Crif Dogs Has Unleashed A Food Truck, Commence the Begging Now.

The brand spanking new Crif Dogs food truck has been stirring up conversation on Twitter this weekend. The truck launched two days ago and according to a source at the East Village restaurant, has been parking in the Soho area. Plan seems to be to start down there and then explore other neighborhoods soon. This truck needs to come to Midtown and stat! Let’s all get on their Twitter feed and beg them for some deep-fried bacon wrapped hot dogs!!!


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    It’s like all my dreams have come true!!

    Well, as long as they come to midtown, that is.

  • With the amazing explosion of food trucks in the last 5 years, one thing has been sorely neglected: the hot dog. The tubular meat conglomeration that is the granddaddy of street foods. You CANNOT get a really good dog in midtown. Can’t wait for the Crif truck.

    • Feed Your Hole (yes, them) do a pretty good one when they’re around, which I guess is a rarer and rarer occurrence.

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