Lily O’Brien’s is No Longer

Lily O'Brien Dunzo

In a move that might shock no one, Lily O’Brien’s (40th btw 5th+6th) shut its doors on Friday and, as you can see from this picture, its presence is quickly being erased (thanks Wayne!) Why do I say “shocks no one”? For starters, the infinitely-better Lady M is opening a few doors down (we’re patiently waiting here, Lady M, no rush!) and Lily O’Brien’s did have a few internal problems I was privy to. There is hope to still snag their treats, according to the signs in the window.

Lily O'Brien Dunzo

Maybe they’ll being doing one of the holiday market pop-ups? For now, those looking for treats in the area will have to venture to that deli of desserts, Smush. Or continue to stalk the Lady M space (whenever you’re ready, folks! We’ve only been waiting for months.).


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    That was an odd place. The prices seemed too upscale for the branding, which had a heavy-handed mall vibe.

  • The chocolate there was just too sweet for my taste. There are so many great places in midtown. LiLac, Neuhaus, and even the nice guy at 5th Ave Chocolate.

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